SNFfund is named of Startup New Fresh fund. Its main goal is to encourage a great number of Students to start “Thinking of  Startup and start to do it now". The student is called SNFseeds.

Facebook founded by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg…. when he was 20 years-old.
Google founded by Larry Page…. when he was 23 years-old
Microsoft founded by Bill Gates…. when he was 20 years-old.
Apple founded by Steven Paul Jobs…. when he was 21 years-old.

These are SNFseeds examples that SNFfund has worked with together.

Anban Tech Co, Ltd
The founder started to work on outsourcing APP/WEB project in 2014 when he was a 21 years-old university student. The whole team has been expanded to 8 technicians last year with over 100 completed projects. See its website

Sita Tech Co, Ltd 
The founder, 21 years-old with technique background, has worked out solutions fitted to GOV and commercial application. Currently with 6 team members. See its website

If you have a great dream of the world and must do it now, we are willing to hear from you. Please email us your current description to