Startup New & Fresh (SNF) partnerships agreement

  1. Purpose:

For business strategy, building business partnerships between Taiwan and Australia’s startup will create a fully new channel that helps startup essentially growing up. For the sake of globalization, it can be seen as a fundamental structure and new economic value chain.

  1. Program:
  • 1.Product market fit program:
    Getting your product experiment in overseas. This helps you to know about the overseas market, any feedback and result would help you product evolution.
  • 2.Cross sales program:
    Getting your products to be sold in overseas. With PMF done, your products can be sold in overseas.
  • 3.Global team program:
    Same team partnership, both decide to be merged, even marketing team plus technique team.
  1. How to do it:

We will have the information posted and more resources connected to both Taiwan and China. The only thing you need to do is sending us your needs. We will have the proper business partners that will physically co-work with your needs.

  1. Fee:
  • Program 1 + program 2:
  • Program 3:
  1. Contact:

Please contact us for more details.
SNFfund, Jack Chi, +886 972860310,